ASMR For Men - Shave and Facial Personal Attention (4K)
SophieMichelle ASMR
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  • SophieMichelle ASMR
    SophieMichelle ASMR

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    • Bryan Latham
      Bryan Latham still a little upset you didnt get the chance to test new rides for Disney. Ever since you announced your candidacy I'd been picturing the ASMR you could create with that

    • MarkyLeShark96

      I watched to help me get some sleep. Instead I looked up on Korean face creme, shaving cream, and Barber pro products. I bought the face cremes then I slept. Thanks Sophie. My wallet is crying.

  • Elyod Nave
    Elyod Nave

    As both a guy and a middle child this is the most attention i have gotten since my birthday

  • Gerald Vargas
    Gerald Vargas

    I love the brush in the foam sounds!

  • We Are The I Am
    We Are The I Am

    You have some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. You remind me a bit of Emily Watson. :-)

  • Waldos Waltz
    Waldos Waltz

    Thanks for this video. My goatee is getting pretty good now. Watching this for my grandfathers, my father and myself. -Eric

  • Sarah Pa
    Sarah Pa

    Percy Nobleman 😍😍😍 i work for this brand♥️ it smells amazing!! 🤩 such a relaxing video as always!!! Thank you Sophie Michelle !!! ♥️

  • Darth Vix
    Darth Vix

    I legit fell asleep during the vids and was dreaming about water and was wondering why lol

  • Delta King
    Delta King

    Is not Shave : / I want sound of razor in my face

  • TrevSkee Cannon
    TrevSkee Cannon

    You wasn't joking about going for 10 minutes.. but I liked that nice touch to the video, and as ever looking so gorgeous I love how you wear your hair! much ❤️ to you.

  • Jacqueline Perez
    Jacqueline Perez

    ur ponytail is so cuteee

  • Explosive S-Brain
    Explosive S-Brain

    I love the joy your eyes project. Fair tenderness. The air of sweetness and subtle coquetry that you reflect.

  • J K
    J K

    I love this lip color on you!

  • Brazo Limado
    Brazo Limado

    For men? ,😒

  • supercraft251

    Lovely master piece nothing more to say keep it up sophie

  • L K
    L K

    Sophie, your slow massage hand movements are the best and tingliest thing ever. ❤ could you sometimes do a long face massage video? That would be my dream come true. 🙏❤

  • Okay Boomer
    Okay Boomer

    Bruh no hate but you shaving like you shaving your legs

  • Lauren Hickey
    Lauren Hickey

    Am I a man? No. Am I watching this video from start to finish? Absolutely.

  • Daddy Rhys
    Daddy Rhys

    Did you know that Mike Bloomberg will raise taxes on the rich? I honestly wanna get away from those ads.

  • jack p
    jack p

    um so the spa video? U said Saturday..kinda was waiting but k

  • Des The Happy Aardvark
    Des The Happy Aardvark

    Is this Monica from Friends?

  • Jacob Alcuadrado
    Jacob Alcuadrado

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but some girls could have their beard and moustache cut as well.

  • Jacob Alcuadrado
    Jacob Alcuadrado

    I'm studying primary at the University and your videos are always helpful for chill out and take anxiety away. Thank you very much Wish you all the best ❤❤🔥

  • Brad Burger
    Brad Burger

    Hey Sophie! Quick question! But first a long story. 🤣 I have been into ASMR for about 3 years now but amongst my favorites you have been a steady runner in my top five! (Can’t stop won’t, stop me nowwwww 🎶 🎤) I have also been 3D printing for about the same amount of time. More recently I got a much better printer capable of doing very interesting things. In pursuit of happiness I decided to combine the two into something purely spectacular! I call it a tap box. Although not quite a box it has several surfaces with different textures on each connected to different chambers that make different sounds. Now for the quick question. Would you possibly be interested in featuring one on your channel?

  • Jonathan Young
    Jonathan Young

    I need to shave.

  • Muhe Vend
    Muhe Vend

    that voice directly speaks to my soul...amazing

  • James

    You look like the lovechild of Jared Leto and Courtney Cox

  • Meagan

    Your hair is so cute in this video!

  • Antoinè

    What if I was a woman with a mustache??

  • Florell

    Your act was pleasant thx dear🙏

  • Mekhet Montsehgour
    Mekhet Montsehgour

    Sorry for not giving useful feedback, but I couldn't care less about the auto exposure thing, that's how much it affects my tingles. Thanks for another great video! What is there in Romania?! Hugs from Brazil, Kelly.

  • Marion 124
    Marion 124

    I totally zoned out, forgot what I was watching and then thought "wow this video is giving me mad asmr, like I forgot that asmr videos were a thing and I was watching one 😂"

  • Hailey Smith
    Hailey Smith

    Sort of a silly request, but could you do like a wet/sticky sort of whispered video? I've seen one somewhere before, but I dont remember who did it 😬😭😭

    • Chloe-Mai Parfitt
      Chloe-Mai Parfitt

      Hailey Smith frivolousfox asmr does a lot of those types of videos! ☺️

  • Dark User
    Dark User


  • Benjamin Long
    Benjamin Long

    So much beautiful. Stopped me in my tracks instantly.

  • RandomPig

    I enjoy this type of video however some sound effects for thing like applying face scrub or using the razor would add to the trigger aspect as well as immersion. Love your content though

    • Tilly the weirdo
      Tilly the weirdo

      She could use a mannequin to get that effect Ps- mannequin would be behind camera

  • L. light
    L. light

    I think you'd make a fine Barber. 😁💞😉💞

  • WankiTank

    Your teeth came out fantastically even

  • Soham Rege
    Soham Rege

    Hi ma'am. How are you?

  • paulina

    Did she do something to her teeth? Her smile is looking even more pretty than a while ago

  • Pøtatö Meløn
    Pøtatö Meløn

    Roses are red Violets are blue Im going to bed And so are you😉

  • Orange Zinfandel
    Orange Zinfandel

    Bruh she really getting that Adsense off a waterfall

  • David Hoetker
    David Hoetker

    The video looks wonderful, and I can tell you put so much into it, plus getting a shave definately triggers my asmr. I will say the stray hairs on your cheek were adorable, but i kept wanting to reach through the screen, "you got a little something, just there, okay continue..." Ill have to make this a listened one.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Where have you been? I see you grown a lot now (oi it's the hair u fool 🙄) :) Was waiting for this shave from you for long. Should do that more often. Good luck in Romania and enjoy your time. Looking forward to seeing what's it in there! Luvs

  • Sir Cats Meow
    Sir Cats Meow

    I haven't had a wet shave in about 3 years, maybe more. But... What the hell, right?

  • Saralainn

    I don’t have a beard but SHAVE ME

  • Nairyn Viamonte
    Nairyn Viamonte

    Why not gals why men and I’m going to sleep

  • Bakuza

    I think she was paying more attention on not touching the cam, instead of putting the creme on our face though

  • Daniel Kill
    Daniel Kill


  • ʟɪᴠᴇʟᴜᴍᴘღ •ω•
    ʟɪᴠᴇʟᴜᴍᴘღ •ω•

    I’m not a man ;

  • Yasmine Izabella
    Yasmine Izabella

    I'm not a man but I can't miss this!❤

  • pageshome

    Almost brilliant, I just wish there was actual shaving noises, then it would be perfect..

  • Сергей Погребняк
    Сергей Погребняк

    Ищешь русский коммент?)

  • Макс Чернышев
    Макс Чернышев


  • Happy Hibee
    Happy Hibee

    Outstanding work once again Sophie. You're such a talented lady.

  • peachy pattern
    peachy pattern

    You look scary but your a great asmr lady love it keep up the good work👏🏽👏🏽😁😁😁

  • Sabbir amidstAdreamingAffinity
    Sabbir amidstAdreamingAffinity

    Classy asmr love the 4k!

  • Avogadro's Guacamole
    Avogadro's Guacamole

    sup fellow dudes isn’t it great fun having a beard

  • Andrew Melt
    Andrew Melt

    It's very nice, thank you :)

  • R1doorbar

    I love your look in this video, your hair in a ponytail and the colour of your lips

  • Josh Shaffer
    Josh Shaffer

    Do girls like guys with beards? If so, I need to grow one. LOL!!

  • _Alexander陽

    Don't argue about whether this is for male fans or females, my gender depends on Sophie's videos. 😎

    • Eternalsnow kami
      Eternalsnow kami

      L O L 🤘

    • supercraft251


  • Be Brave Be You Lifestyle
    Be Brave Be You Lifestyle

    Ohhhh that foam 😍😍😍😍

  • Jordan95 HD
    Jordan95 HD

    This was perfect, Sophie. ❤ Just going by the title, I knew it was gonna be incredibly soothing and very tingle-inducing. 😌💕 I love ASMR shaving videos, not to mention facial personal attention. 😌

  • Luciano Simmons
    Luciano Simmons

    This is for men what booty is the Fleece Johnson. For my nap routine this is more important than waaata… more important than fooood… I'll tell ya like this Sophie. I likes ya ASMR, and I wants it. Thankfully I can get it the easy way =) Thanks!

  • Luciano Simmons
    Luciano Simmons

    Been following your vids some time. Thank you for the hours and hours of enjoyment you have given to myself and my 11 yr old daughter as well. We really love what you do. Yourself and Gibi are a part of my nightly bedtime routine. What a tremendous time to be alive! Our archaic ancestors would envy us lol. A+ stuff Sophie. Also great to see your self esteem growing! You’re a charming young lady with a great talent.

  • Pavlusha And only him
    Pavlusha And only him

    I'm women and I'm watching this 💅💅💅

  • Toc ASMR
    Toc ASMR

    Such a relaxing video - keep it up

  • Night Rydah
    Night Rydah

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> That's what good Mac n Cheese sounds like

    • C Clark
      C Clark

      If it don't sound like that, i dont want it

  • Singh King
    Singh King

    Bakvaas Time pass


    Um I'm not a man but... I do get pretty hairy eyebrows (my wog side) so this was very relaxing LOL

  • Reo's ASMR
    Reo's ASMR

    welp i have a beard it's just invisible

  • max Coomer
    max Coomer

    Im 15 and i dont have a beard so wtf did she do

  • mrem mrum
    mrem mrum

    Me a girl ready for pampered beard shaving

  • Xoom

    I have to say your teeth are looking quite nice these days Sophie

  • PureBliss ASMR
    PureBliss ASMR

    This was so relaxing

  • Xerikan

    You are so incredibly easy to look at, such a radiant beauty 😍😍😍

  • Josie

    Me, a woman: yes please

  • Lizziee Kaori
    Lizziee Kaori

    I feel like this is the ASMR equivalent to pink razors being called Venus Flower and blue razors being called POWER HURRICANE MUSCLE BREAKER but in a good way

  • Apollo

    She literally looks like my teacher

    • Xerikan

      Lucky :)

  • Proudwing

    Crazy how you hear a guy say “keep that line straight” at a barbershop when there’s nothing there

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