How to marry a K-pop Idol? | EXO CHEN?!
How to marry a K-pop Idol? | EXO CHEN?!
Daud Kim
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  • Öznur Dağcı
    Öznur Dağcı


  • Merah Jambu
    Merah Jambu

    Content is good and.. Funny? Hahaha. It's not I'm not serious about it but I really love how you explain it. Keep it up Kim Daud sshi. InsyaAllah God bless you.

  • Lai V
    Lai V

    Masha Allah such a nice message ❤️

  • Lyvrlzx화려한

    Thank for changing my mind

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung

    I'm confused with the fans ... Why do they only prioritize their personalities, regardless of the happiness of the idol they like, the idol is also human, they have the right to be happy (married) but why don't you accept? What can you guys do? Are you one of his siblings? or distant relative? or family near or far? You don't have the right to stop 'CHEN EXO' or other idols, even though I'm a fan of 'BTS', I still don't accept what you guys are doing! -Thank you ~ ...I'm From Indonesia

  • Zainab Cwcfan
    Zainab Cwcfan

    If they convert to Islam and go to heaven inshallah we can meet you never know😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bedriye Yıldırım
    Bedriye Yıldırım

    You speak trust.

  • 정국전

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> lmaooo

  • ضوء القمر
    ضوء القمر

    فيديو جميل جدا، شكرا علي ترجم بالعربي

  • Fatma Kaya
    Fatma Kaya

    나는 당신의 비디오를보고, 당신은 잘 말하고, 이슬람에 대해 당신을 존경합니다

  • Kainat E
    Kainat E

    Off topic: Lol ... This so Extreme .... It's so different than famous people In west and South Asia ... if celebrity get married or in relationship ... great ... life goes on... but here k-celebrity loose there title if they get married .. that is crazy! Like whaaat!? Sad part is "fan" get that power to let a talent to stay or put them a side... #doublemoral Poor to those idols... and for people in "lala-land" we know the truth just remember that you have life, they have life. If you don't like someone to tarnish your life, then don't accept it's okay to tarnish another person life. Let me also tell you, whatever you watch on tv/KOsoft doesn't mean you know them, some personal traits? Sure. But that is not him or her. No wonder sducidal rate is high among K-celebrity or any general. But Aslam mu elahi kum, brother :)) 🇳🇴

  • Jinnie s girl
    Jinnie s girl

    Totally some fans are being rude😔

  • hahm _selin
    hahm _selin


  • Labiba Rashid Atika
    Labiba Rashid Atika

    music is haram and k pop is all about musics and songs //and also you can't have i think k pop is hashor you are going to be with thoes people whom you love...if lisa goes to hell she will be in a very dangerous position in be careful ..also to be a fully iman you should love someone becoz of allah..allah has told us to love prophet muhammad (sallallahu alaihiyo sallam) more than anything else we are going to love him..and allah has also told us to love our family and friends..but you should not talk with girls if it is not necessary ..our prophet never ever in his life did a handshake with a girl.there are some hadis book like sahih muslim, bukhari shorif and also abu daud should read them for more more information

  • Neslihan Demirel
    Neslihan Demirel

    This is such a funny topic im deadd😂

  • Roshni Farzana
    Roshni Farzana

    May Allah bless you with jannah oppa 🤩it's nice to see a Korean Islamic inshaallah may Allah bless you with everything you need.....

  • Mariam Abdullah
    Mariam Abdullah

    We should understand that life is a journey Love allah atleast he knows u besides idols🙂

  • Mnbv Zxcv
    Mnbv Zxcv

    LOVE BTS💞🌹💞💞🌹🌹

  • euneun sang
    euneun sang

    Its mean...I can't marry Kim taehyung !! 😭😭😭

  • intissar tata
    intissar tata

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> This sentence affected me a lot, Even though I don't know what this k-pop is !!

  • intissar tata
    intissar tata

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">03:16</a> This sentence affected me a lot, Even though I don't know what this k-pop is !!

  • Petit Tigre blanc 03
    Petit Tigre blanc 03

    Tu as vraiment raison ✊🏻❤️🌸

  • Strawberry Berry
    Strawberry Berry

    Thank you so much my brother🙂🙂

  • kasak Sofi
    kasak Sofi

    You can marriage with your crush but after marriage You ask him accept islam

  • Hsnaa Atallah
    Hsnaa Atallah

    انه ذو ايمان عالي جدا 💪

  • sinner slave
    sinner slave

    😂😂😂😂 laughed on myself ... Thnx though brother . BTW I like monsta x 😆😆😆😆 well ! Bt trying to leave them behind li'l by li'l as all their videos other than songs will going to end soon from youtube . Ahh ! That's harsh reality bt had a good time watching your video brother . Though I'm indian sister , i love Korea too . Thnx for all .

  • my mind
    my mind

    that is so true😪❤

  • Muska Waseem
    Muska Waseem

    I so needed this reminder. Way before I knew about kpop or kdrama, I knew about Daud. I have been an avid follower and especially as he grew in his faith, he also helped me in my faith. Lately I got addicted to kpop and kdram and I am not particularly happy about it, because I dont know about others but my whole damn feel is filled with BTS memes, songs etc and it's super addictive. Since Ramadan is around the corner, I want to get rid of the addiction so I just came here without a second thought. Thankyou Daud for always being a motivational speaker. May Allah bless you with the best of guidance Ameen.

  • sasa latifa
    sasa latifa

    Assalammualaikum Oppa 😳

  • TunAmy do
    TunAmy do

    It is sick reaction from fans who claim they love their idols. Such a possesive behavior, but i blamed the whole scenario of how a new kpop group is giving birth. From the debut, the daily tv shows, the programms that agencies created to create feeling among fans as if their idols live next door. Thats why the feeling of ownership grows because its the scenario of the industry as a whole. What makes me sick is that, if the 'ship' is btwn the members with same group same sexes, it seems ok, and acceptable, like they subconsciously demanded their idols to have love relationship in the group.

  • Mousumi 80
    Mousumi 80

    "Idol dont know you but Allah knows you"🖤🖤🖤Best🥺Lyyyyysmmmmm❤❤❤

  • Asmatiar Nurafny
    Asmatiar Nurafny

    Aku exo-l sakit sih dengernya:(

  • ملاك الهنداوي
    ملاك الهنداوي

    كمية تشائم وفرح في نفس الوقت😂 الله يعطيك الف عافية على الفيديو كثير حلو وهادف 💜💜 Thank you Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and keep like this because you are awesome💜😊

  • Kim Taeyon
    Kim Taeyon

    انا بحب قناتك وبحب روحك كتير استمر ممكن بليز انو تنزل الفيديو الجاي كيف تقدم منحه لكوريا وكيف تسافر لكوريا💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • ruhe elin
    ruhe elin

    Senin sundugum şeyler bahane. Müslümanın ve hem namaz kılıp hemde şarkısını dinliyorum . Ki din herkes için farklıdır. Biz de biliyoruz evlenmeyecegimizi ama gelip de bu üslupla konuşman aşırı igretici

  • ruhe elin
    ruhe elin

    Ben nasıl senin dinine karışmıyorsam sende gündelik hayatimda hoşuma giden şeylere dil uzatmamalısın

  • ruhe elin
    ruhe elin

    Ve ister konser bileti alırım ister namaz kılarım. Bunun hakkında yorum yapabilecek son insansin

  • ruhe elin
    ruhe elin

    Vatanının sektörünü kötüleyip dinle kötülemek hayatımda gördüğüm en korkunç sey

  • ruhe elin
    ruhe elin

    Üslubunu o kadar igreti buldum ki. Bir de sonuna gülerek ağlamayın yazmissin

  • dilasha Parajuli
    dilasha Parajuli

    "IDOLS ARE NOT THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE " SO TRUEEEEE i mean they have emotions and feeling they feel love and hatred they are not our personal gadgets .. PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT thank you so much for this video 😊😊

  • A mustafa Khan
    A mustafa Khan

    I am very thankfull to you for this special video luv from india 🇮🇳

  • mona


  • Cho Hee Mira
    Cho Hee Mira

    صدقت ولله . انت قدوتي وكلامك معبر جدا صراحه 💗✅

  • Lalisa manoban
    Lalisa manoban

    This is so true your words are awsome😀💓

  • leyla

    😂😂 şimdi merak etim EXOnun hepsi evleninci, fanlar ne yapacak, hepsinin gruptan ayrılmasını mı isticekler 😒😅😂 Haaa bunun bide BTS var BTS evlenince nolcek....

  • Nooran Mohamed
    Nooran Mohamed

    Daud is breaking hearts

  • Şeyma Demir
    Şeyma Demir


  • شمس العراق
    شمس العراق

    بارك الله فيك شكرا لك جزيل الشكر

  • love9😍EXO

    I am a Muslim and EXO-L and i support chen's decision 🥰🥰🥰

  • Maria Oishee
    Maria Oishee

    At First, i was really addicted to k-pop. Al-hamdulillah, the addiction is gone... So true,Dance & Music can never provide peace of mind.

  • Angga Prasetya
    Angga Prasetya


  • Nor Fazila
    Nor Fazila

    Alhamdulillah. anda telah berdakwah. You've dakwah. Hopefully you can continue to beneficial for other people. Hopefully we can open their eyes like-minded negatively about Islam.

  • Nihal Qazi
    Nihal Qazi

    Yh I m not a fan of any idols ...but I think that one should not go this much deep and cross the line that they want to marry with there fav idols ND matter how much u love them ND treat them with affection but u will b just a fan for them...they will even didn't rember u....they will forget about stop ..ND respect ur self respect cx no one is born to be slave for someone's love ...btw.....thankyou...#stayhomestaysafe...

  • Zeynep Dila Oyar
    Zeynep Dila Oyar

    Açıkçası chen türkiye de çok sevilmiyor fakat ban exo dan d.o. ve chen fanıyım. İnsanlar türkiye de kai fanı Aynı zaman da blackpink rose g idle minnie ve bts jimin fanıyım.Her gün d.o. askerden ne zaman gelecek diye gün sayıyorum

  • adı lazım değil
    adı lazım değil

    Evet sonuna kadar haklısın 😊👍🏻👍🏻 Bu fanlar çıldırmış olmalı adam evlenmesin mi adam öldün mü ne istiyorsunuz yaa? 😂😂

  • Yuliana Agusti
    Yuliana Agusti

    Subhanallah.... your opinion is really good😊

  • Faza _sdhussain
    Faza _sdhussain


  • Fiza Khan
    Fiza Khan

    Never cry for a celebrity as they don't even know that u exists , cry for Prophet Mohammad (SAW) as he cried for u when u don't even exists... I am also a big fan of BTS , but we all know that dreaming about marrying them or any other idols is a stupidity !.

  • Doll Lisa
    Doll Lisa

    I really want to marry jungkookie❤

  • Rozee BTS Jk
    Rozee BTS Jk

    شكرا داوود كيم لأنك حللت مشكلتي ومشاكل الارمي ارجوك استمر في تقديم النصائح 👍❤ (الهم صلى وسلم على سيدنا محمد) ... . . بايسي جونكوك

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army

    Yes they don't know as😓😓

  • NCT's dustbin
    NCT's dustbin

    Why is this in my recommendation? 🗿😂

  • jama jama
    jama jama

    انشالله تتبت على دينك احببت هدا الكلام

  • Ana ¿
    Ana ¿

    You're totally right 🍓

  • naeemamahomed

    We should be thankful that Allah chose us to go be Muslim

  • Lalalisa Blackpink
    Lalalisa Blackpink

    I love lisa too

  • Md.Abdur RAZZAQUE
    Md.Abdur RAZZAQUE are right....from Bangladesh

  • Choco Bun
    Choco Bun

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> Fans: How can a married man become an idol?? Taeyang: Am I a joke to you??

  • مقالب Korea
    مقالب Korea

    الصراحة وربي اقنعني 😂😂😂😂

  • كيم سوهيون
    كيم سوهيون

    كلامك في غاية الروعة شكرا لك ❤ حسنا لااريد ان اتزوج ايدول اريد ان اتزوجك😂😂😂

  • maheen waheed
    maheen waheed

    YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! but i really love jimin

  • Salsabila N.m
    Salsabila N.m

    thank you 🙏. You've opened my heart❤️, so I realize now that Allah is the most important😭. indeed I could not meet let alone hope that I would marry the K-Pop idol😣But you can't if you marry me🤣🤣Of course not because you also have never met me☺️ semangat terus yaaa🖐️semoga Allah memberikan kita jodoh yang terbaik 🤲🧡

  • loveyou life
    loveyou life

    Yeah such bitter truth 😭 I love Allah ♥️ after him and my parents 😉 I still love RM

  • Iraqi and proud
    Iraqi and proud

    بارك الله فيك may allah bless you ❤️❤️❤️


    Bener jugak yakk yak kak DAUD KIM bilang tp........ Gw kek ny kgk bisa ngelupain idol2 yg gw suka terutama BTS😂😂

  • Mareeka Nagi123
    Mareeka Nagi123

    "So give your love and attention to Allah "♥️♥️♥️

  • Mareeka Nagi123
    Mareeka Nagi123

    "But if you fall in love with k-pop and put all your attention and love here ,you'll be far from allah " true

  • Mareeka Nagi123
    Mareeka Nagi123

    May Allah blessed you Daud .. you are really a good muslim .. thank you a lot for your wounderfull efforts for daawa🌱🌱🌱

  • Nurin Irdyna
    Nurin Irdyna

    I can't marry jimin, but I can accept's all Allah plan for me and all of us in this world

  • Hamama Lama
    Hamama Lama

    "Idols don't know you allah know you " "Idols don't send you to heaven allah send you heaven " Mashaa allah 💖💖💖

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