My Love From The Star Korean Drama Funny Scene 3- Jealous Cheon Song Yi with Suzy Eng Sub+Bengali
My Love From The Star তারা থেকে এলে তুমি Korean Drama Funny Scene- Jealous Cheon Song Yi with Suzy - played by Kim Soo Hyun (as Do Min Joon) , Jun Ji-Hyun (Cheon Song Yi) and Bae Suzy (Go Hye Mi) - funny scene from My Love From The Star episode 17
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  • Jay P
    Jay P

    So suzy’s beauty is so strong she even got an alien in awe for a bit 😂

  • Ari Jung
    Ari Jung

    I can see ur bangladeshi lol

  • Starry Angel
    Starry Angel

    😂😂❤️ I love Suzy

  • Lost Cat
    Lost Cat

    Bae Suzy pipiliin ko hahaha...

  • Faija Haque
    Faija Haque

    Whatching “my live from another star” I hated her character but now after watching “Dream high” I still ship them, even tho she’s not in any main lead, and her name is the same from dream high, just different last names

  • Frannie Batitin
    Frannie Batitin


  • Shruti belote
    Shruti belote


  • anggi anggraeny
    anggi anggraeny


  • Joy Barraca
    Joy Barraca

    Sam Dong and Go Hye mi ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍#DreamHigh.

  • Aji

    For those who are sad because Hye Mi said that Sam Dong is her ex-boyfriend. From the clip up above, 2013 is the current time. Meanwhile, the last episode (where Sam Dong was awarded as the first Korean to receive Grammy) of Dream High was in the year 2018. Probably, she said it, because in 2013, Sam Dong was still on States and doing his best to be a great singer/performer. My point is, they still haven't met after they both became successful. Did you get my point? I hope so. Btw, I'm a Hye Mi - Jin Kuk shipper, and the ending of Dream High for me is too painful. I really ship them! HUHU

  • Raven Statistics
    Raven Statistics

    really ?? Bae suzy name here was Go Hye mi? it is the same in Dream high k drama way back 2011 with IU, Kim soo Hyun BTW ,, i am going to watch this drama now

  • 3K Reality
    3K Reality

    Guys watch this

  • adal pardz
    adal pardz

    I miss this drama..i would love to see these 3 in a drama💕😍

  • BASHLyrics

    RIP his mobile

  • Jayakanth J
    Jayakanth J

    These Korean shows are getting popular with Indian youth nowadays. Good quality will always be recognized.

  • Mauricio Stornaiuolo
    Mauricio Stornaiuolo

    so she broke up with sam dong?, my childhood has been ruined

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      It's just a funny special segment...though it may hurt many Dream High drama fans, don't take it seriously 🙂

  • Levi 2901
    Levi 2901

    Hahahshahs tawang tawa paden ako

  • edmar pogi
    edmar pogi

    galing mag rap ni jihyun hahah



  • n o t b o t h e r e d
    n o t b o t h e r e d

    suzy is an actual angel

  • Bryanne C
    Bryanne C

    It broke my heart that hye mi and sam dong broke up. 😭

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      It's just a funny special segment...though it may hurt many Dream High drama fans, don't take it seriously 🙂


    What episode

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      episode 17

  • Maruf Khan
    Maruf Khan

    Oy bangla sub ।।।wow

  • Summer Night Dream
    Summer Night Dream

    suzy is cute but i don't like her😂😂😂

    • Eudy Yoo
      Eudy Yoo

      Nor we nor her care!As Suzy is The Goddess Of Beauty😍❤ Nation First Love😍❤

    • Elle Baby
      Elle Baby

      suzy doesnt like u also

    • Fitri Yanti
      Fitri Yanti

      Suzy is goddes but i dont like you 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Snigdha Sanapala
      Snigdha Sanapala


    • Beneeta M Babu
      Beneeta M Babu

      Yes we dont care because we love her 😂😂😂

  • gen villegas
    gen villegas

    Dream High 💕

  • iGOT7 Stan왕잭슨
    iGOT7 Stan왕잭슨

    lmao i am the only one who is happy that sam dong and Hye mi broke up? I ship her with Taec's character

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      Me too, shipped her with Taecyeon's character back then 😀

  • Machi Camingawan
    Machi Camingawan

    Hahahha SUZY LOVE

  • J M
    J M

    SPOILER! I'm not finished with Dream High yet!!!! That aside, this is so cool! So My Love From The Stars and Dream High are in the same universe? Is this a hint that they're making a KCU (Kdrama Cinematic Universe)?

  • be happy
    be happy


  • Kurt Monde
    Kurt Monde

    Oh? Ex boyfriend and Sam Dong? They broke up? Wait... Are they???

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      It's just a funny special segment...though it may hurt many Dream High drama fans, don't take it seriously 🙂

  • Jus tin
    Jus tin

    Loll 2019 n miz them

  • Marjorie Popera
    Marjorie Popera

    I miss Dream high😍❤️

    • J M
      J M

      It's on Netflix

  • Statue Oppa
    Statue Oppa

    So No one noticed Suzy’s outfit (white coat red backpack) is actually reminiscent of Jun Ji hyun’s role in the movie “IL MARE”

    • DW

      Statue Oppa Uhh...okay? She/he just explained it. It's not like she/he is mad at you 😂

    • Statue Oppa
      Statue Oppa

      Rifat Sharna Also... why’re you so worked up and triggered? LMAO. 😂 Like I’m attacking Suzy or something? I was just pointing out the scene reference? And yes I do know all of the stuff you said. I’m HALF KOREAN. AND I AM NOT SAYING SUZY STOLE HER OUTFIT IDEA. IT WAS PART OF THE STORY!\scene. SHE WAS STYLED LIKE THAT, BECAUSE BEC IT WAS AN “INSIDE JOKE”. I also don’t know where you got your info that “Il Mare” isn’t a hit in Korea, bec my Mom ( who is South Korean) told me that JJH’s “backpack-trench coat” look became a HUGE TREND AT THE TIME, that everyone, including her, was wearing it. Bruh. It’s either you’re a child, or you have a poor English comprehension. Good luck dealing with HARMLESS KOsoft comments that would trigger you for no apparent reason. 👍

    • Statue Oppa
      Statue Oppa

      Rifat Sharna Bruh, y you acting so defensive? LMAO 😂 I KNOW ALL THE THINGS YOU SAID. AND I AM NOT SAYING SUZY COPIED JJH. It was the producers who dressed her like that ON PURPOSE. This scene was obviously is an INSIDE JOKE. (If you know what that means) It was referenced to their previous dramas and movies. 1) Suzy telling Do minjoo he “looks like her ex” reference to their drama“Dream High” where they acted acted as a couple. 2) Suzy, wearing JJH’s ICONIC look in “Il Mare” is also a JOKE, as Suzy, is referred in SK (at that time) as “NATION’S FIRST LOVE”, a title JJH had first. It totally makes sense bec the scene shows how SONGYI is afraid to get old and be replaced by a younger pretty girl which mirrors her youth (IL MARE DAYS)

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      Thanks for your opinion 🙂 But personally I don't think Suzy wore her outfit keeping Jun Ji-Hyun's character in Il Mare in her mind (and that movie was released more than a decade earlier than mlfts, was not successful in Korean box office & Suzy was a little kid then-lol) Plus Jun Ji-Hyun's character in Il Mare was more shy and introvert-and she looked simply gorgeous in red 'trench' coat in the last scene ( And here's Suzy's special appearance-she's so extrovert and forward; and she's wearing a white 'parka' coat cause the outdoor scene is shot in winter (btw during shooting of 'Il Mare", Jun Ji Hyun actually has to wear classic coat and winter outfits even in hot summer just because it was a winter movie! So most of the people won't find neither suzy's character nor her outfit as reminiscent of Jun Ji-Hyun's character in Il Mare just because she's wearing a coat too- the vibe is very different (don't mind-just personal opinion 😀)

  • Sushilim

    I need a new drama with Suzy and Soo Hyun as lead

  • Prita Maity
    Prita Maity

    I love this serial , season 2 lab ayega

  • Cho Mimin
    Cho Mimin

    Tell me ost in the end video

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      Hello/Goodbye (안녕) - Hyorin

  • natnut2008

    Suzy really stole the show in her few minutes of cameo.

    • NuruL lvu Leeminho Luvluv
      NuruL lvu Leeminho Luvluv

      Suzy really love the show in ber few Minutes of cameo i miss you?💞

  • Лаура Кабикызы
    Лаура Кабикызы

    Как дорама называется на русском языке пожалуйста

    • Irene Sun
      Irene Sun

      Лаура Кабикызы человек со звезды

  • Naila Rahman
    Naila Rahman

    Bengali subs! First time seen

  • Matt TAIHIA
    Matt TAIHIA

    Dream high feels !

  • Sadia Zitu
    Sadia Zitu

    বাংলা সাবটাইটেল গুলা একদম পারফেক্ট। থ্যাংকস ফর আপলোডিং। 💙

    • Rifat Sharna
      Rifat Sharna

      মোস্ট ওয়েলকাম 🙂

  • Ultimate Dance
    Ultimate Dance

    Jun ji Hyun + Suzy perfect combination for this scene.

    • Rajballabh Baruah
      Rajballabh Baruah

      @Cheng Vang oo, maybe i heard about Suli

    • Cheng Vang
      Cheng Vang

      Rajballabh Baruah either it was Sulli from f(x) or you’re thinking about the death petition that some “fan” calling for. Not sure how much the death petition is true though, 🤷‍♀️

    • Rajballabh Baruah
      Rajballabh Baruah

      @Cheng Vang i heard somewhere that she is dead

    • Cheng Vang
      Cheng Vang

      Rajballabh Baruah Suzy? She’s not dead.

    • Rajballabh Baruah
      Rajballabh Baruah

      Suzy is dead😓

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