Red Velvet - Psycho [2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon_Music Festival Ep 3]
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  • hi hooman
    hi hooman

    Seolhyun looks incredible concerned I wish Wendy a great fast nice recovery

  • Karolína Kaiserová
    Karolína Kaiserová

    Slippery Bad Stage Meaning of SBS🙄🙄🙄

  • Heron Yolo
    Heron Yolo

    TBH joy outfit doesn't fit her she look fat 😠😠

    • Heron Yolo
      Heron Yolo

      @Gowon's Lines I'm just saying she look fat with her dress so that's why I'm angry,

    • Gowon's Lines
      Gowon's Lines

      Do you even know what fat is? Go look it up and come back and say she looks fat.

    • Gowon's Lines
      Gowon's Lines

      God no she doesn't wtf

  • Jennielicious Wattpad
    Jennielicious Wattpad

    *at **1:23**- **1:26** Irene did the wrong step but covered it like a professional pro. THE QUEEN I STAN!

  • Cintya Enggelina
    Cintya Enggelina

    Wendy, we miss you so much 😭😭❤❤

  • Aldo Maikol
    Aldo Maikol

    They look so expensive 😍

  • Mari X
    Mari X

    Red Velvet were ROBBED. Wendy did not deserve what happened to her

  • Blobby McBlobberson
    Blobby McBlobberson

    Okay but like, THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!! I’m amazed how accurate they are with their notes. Oh and those ad libs? WOW!

  • Harley Malfoy
    Harley Malfoy


  • Fathin Afanti
    Fathin Afanti

    i miss you son seungwan😭💙 tomorrow is her birthday hope you will better unnie😭💙

  • Renato Digay Jr.
    Renato Digay Jr.

    When Yeri said: "We'll be okay" I felt that.

  • nadha Exo
    nadha Exo

    Red velvet becomes a dark chocolate cake wow i like it

  • nogi13svt 、
    nogi13svt 、


  • mad21a1

    I feel like RV has always the shortest dresses

  • Nahid Amiri
    Nahid Amiri

    excuse me, was this before Wendy's accident?

    • SicaRun


  • Keyza atahaya Aluna
    Keyza atahaya Aluna

    Red velvet sok keren banget sih padahal kan lebih keren blackpink dari pada red velvet.

  • chaejun

    i'm so glad we got at least ONE stage

  • John Franco
    John Franco

    Omg Yeri 🤍🤍🤍

  • jiminiesgayness

    irene's eyes and face reminds me of a hentai girl and im liking it

  • Wellahnova Rusiana
    Wellahnova Rusiana

    Ghadd wendy looks like blackpink rosè in her hair and so was @ 5:10😍😍

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman

    iconic looks, outfit, stage, song, preformance, woman and so on

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman

    1:15 the fanchant whoo

  • Hannah Wang
    Hannah Wang

    yeri- giant shoulder

    • Gowon's Lines
      Gowon's Lines

      Go back to the circus

    • Dream_ fs
      Dream_ fs

      no. you blind

    • Fancy Nancy
      Fancy Nancy

      You tried it 😶. She's gorgeous

  • bby.carat

    Wendy 😭 I'm just a multifandom, but I really miss her

  • Igo Hermanto
    Igo Hermanto

    Wendy comeback so energic. Powerful and high note vocal I love it 😍

  • Penguin Tofu
    Penguin Tofu

    For me this is the best comeback of RV😍😍

  • Mimi Mimista
    Mimi Mimista

    I don’t Stan red valvet but this song is just amazing I think I will stan them

  • Fancy Nancy
    Fancy Nancy

    I'm not a red velvet stan but Seulgi voice is amazing. Twice introduction amazing 😍

  • Gabriel Díez Díez
    Gabriel Díez Díez


  • Angela Is JuNgShooK
    Angela Is JuNgShooK

    I cant believe that of all people wendy had to be the one to fall.. this was her ERA i hate sbs now

  • uwuisowoidfk

    Can someone tell me the name of the member with blond hair, cuz like yes queen úwù

    • uwuisowoidfk

      @Siyoon Pascual oh thank u uvu

    • Siyoon Pascual
      Siyoon Pascual

      uwuisowoidfk she’s wendy aka seungwannie 🥰

  • just789

    Watched for the nth time because this is the only psycho live performance that they are complete😟😟😟😟

  • Kevin Victoria
    Kevin Victoria

    OMG !! Irene is so drop dead gorgeous !!! Her visual is no joke !!!

  • Unknown Kyeopta User
    Unknown Kyeopta User

    카메라 미치게 하네 ㅋ 눌언니 좀 제대로 담아줘 젭발 너네 기계계 잘 움직이는지 검사하는 가 아니 야 우리

  • shashimi weeb
    shashimi weeb

    You just can't get over this song it's really catchi and awesome volcal

  • Bath Habit
    Bath Habit

    The girl in the middle seems not happy

    • Gowon's Lines
      Gowon's Lines

      She has rbf she's not mad lol

  • Samiul Hauqe
    Samiul Hauqe

    Yeri is such a cutie :')

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee

    When this has 2x more views than the SBS one Smfh SBS really messed up though like actually, wtf... Wendy will be ok, and Reveluv will always wait for her

  • I stan kings
    I stan kings

    Im not their fans but I love the white hair girl👧shes freaking cute

    • theyherebitchez

      She's Wendy. 🥰 She's very cute ikr.

  • Anika Lizan
    Anika Lizan

    Wendy’s part just give me chills🥺😍

  • Arrika Tri Wibowo
    Arrika Tri Wibowo

    Ice cream cake still the best song

  • fAnCy woOhH
    fAnCy woOhH


  • Alissa Violet
    Alissa Violet

    Omg whats wrong with the cameraman. I feel dizzy already 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Momma Mammo
    Momma Mammo

    Is this live? R they sing it live?

  • Toulue Vang
    Toulue Vang

    Wendy and Seulgi's part

  • Zaira

    the stylists are doing a good job this era, all their outfits for every stage so far has been really well done

  • Mas Mas
    Mas Mas


  • imanuel gulo
    imanuel gulo

    Irene so beautifull😍 😘

  • ELmO sPilLs ThE tEA
    ELmO sPilLs ThE tEA

    This was the last time wendy was up on stage singing herself out. There are no words that can make up to any of this.

  • che350z

    Lip sync but i still love this performance. ALL that stage and no usage of it.

    • Dream_ fs
      Dream_ fs

      pre-recorded. they were scheduled to perform the live version with zimzalabim and umpah umpah. but sbs ruined it


    Sawerrr yoahh

  • Dee

    Joy, Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Yeri are such an eye candy

  • Mha Joy
    Mha Joy

    How i wish that sbs give them special stage when wendy come back. Especially this psycho and la rouge stage performance

  • vera valle
    vera valle

    Irene knows that she’s the original visual,girl is slaying

  • RVJOYJunkie

    Seriously though, can Joy get any more beautiful?

  • GreenFlashAtSunsetッ

    If this was prerecorded, did that mean the screams at the beginning weren't for real? 😅

    • theyherebitchez

      Those were reveluvs. They allowed them inside.

  • Victoria Minué Falcone
    Victoria Minué Falcone

    Amo a RED VELVET

  • Momo UwU
    Momo UwU

    Stop complaining about what SBS did, it was an accident 🙄 Do u guys not know what accident means??? All she wants is for us to be happy, not mad

    • Dream_ fs
      Dream_ fs

      people complained bcs its sbs's staff fault for not giving a detail instruction to wendy and not even provide a good facilities for the artists. and they are not even apologize to wendy. thats what people mad. we all knew it was an accident. but this will never happen if the staff guide wendy and provide good facilities to the artists

  • hu tuyet
    hu tuyet


  • annakinnss

    if this channel is owned by SBS i’m going to be PISSED. this video presently as 6.2 million views because it’s the only performance of psycho with ot5. if they are making money off this video... while she’s in the hospital BECAUSE OF SBS.... goodnight

    • Dream_ fs
      Dream_ fs

      this is kocowa channel, not sbs. kocowa reposted everything from other channels too

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