Woman Pours Water on Burned Hands of Kangaroo in Australia Wildfire
A woman washes the burned hands of a kangaroo as brush fires rage on in Runnyford, New South Wales, Australia, Tuesday, January 7.

READ MORE: Wildfires ravaging Australia have taken a grisly toll on the country's wildlife with hundreds of millions of wild animals believed to have been killed in the blazes, along with thousands of livestock.

"Those who are working with wildlife, those who are having to go through that incredibly painful process of having to put down stock ... my heart - as someone who grew up in regional Victoria - I could only think how challenging it would be for my family to have to destroy stock,'' Victoria state Premier Daniel Andrews said. "I can barely imagine how the grief, the toll, that would take on you.''
LINK: www.voanews.com/east-asia-pacific/australian-crews-race-contain-blazes-damage-bill-soars

  • Eva.mette Thorsø
    Eva.mette Thorsø

    It's so so heartbreaking. Poor all the animals. God bless all of them Who Survived, and God bless all the people who Rescued them.Sending lots of prayers to everybody involved. Those who started all this fires in Australia should be EXECUTED. NO MERCY AT ALL. THEY HAVE LOST THEIR RIGHT TO LIVE.

  • Lourdes Rivera
    Lourdes Rivera


  • Lana G
    Lana G

    What beautiful little animals Gods precious gifts of love to us all . This is so sad and tragic that this has happened. If I lived in Australia i would take a few animals into my home and help them as i love animals aa it hurts my heart to see them suffer.Be blessed always .

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh

    Humans were born to help like this, but we started to fight for religion, cast, community and races.

  • Dew

    Awwwhhh 😩💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Rachee Chan
    Rachee Chan

    What’s happening to animals is making me so sad😭

  • Rachee Chan
    Rachee Chan

    This hurts me so much:(

  • Sana Hashemi
    Sana Hashemi

    I'm so sorry 😔

  • Lupascu Viki
    Lupascu Viki


  • mermaid 99
    mermaid 99

    God bless these little animals.... O God.... Bless them


    we are not doomed. Australia is the driest continent on earth. It has bush fires every summer. The vegetation and animals regenerate quickly. Did you know immediately after droughts and fires , marsupials ( kangaroos and koalas) have twins ? Most Australian plants require a bushfire to spread their seeds. In 1975 a fire in Otback Australia burnt out one million acres of grass and scrub land , killing sheep, cattle, roos , emus and destroying farm houses . It was barely reported in the media and nobody ever knew about it . Today , because we have the internet and android phones , these catastrophic events are reported immediately throughout the world. Which is why you think we are all doomed . But we arent because this is the norm for over 50,000 years in Australia.

  • Mukesh Joshi
    Mukesh Joshi

    These people are the cause of burning jungles.

  • Moi Maris
    Moi Maris

    It breaks your heart

  • Rayan Ravli
    Rayan Ravli

    GREAT Work ⚘⚘🌷

  • JayGaming

    The people who disliked have no souls. SHAME ON THEM

  • Oniket

    I want to be like her ♡ I really want to volunteer for Australia but I cannot afford staying there :(



  • Siva P
    Siva P

    Thank you sister love it's God.... From India.

  • วน เวียน
    วน เวียน

    I​ Love​ You


    Another Forrest fire set by the global warming nut jobs. 28 people arrested for starting these fires. Just like the fires in America & Brazil. Plus, it doesn't help when your state is ran by librals that refused to clean out the brush. Global warming is a hoax!! Greta, where were you??

  • Hendri Hendri
    Hendri Hendri

    Ya Allah...semoga hujan turun di Australia....amiinn🤲🤲🤲

    • PrincessA


  • Sharma Mukesh
    Sharma Mukesh

    I am very sad and emosanal all animals for the earth but in Australia all animals in danger situation save all the animal don't kill camal

  • Ma'Aanu Ervin
    Ma'Aanu Ervin

    Here come the tears. My heart

  • Kishore Ganjala
    Kishore Ganjala

    Good job madam

  • Kiss Of Earth
    Kiss Of Earth

    she helped any human tho?

  • ブルーノBruno

    God bless the lady and the kangaroo.

  • Chiquita Colondam
    Chiquita Colondam

    Awww she so nice... the Kangaroo must love her 😭

  • devilishkaulitz88

    It hurts...

  • sugesh n
    sugesh n

    God save them

    • PrincessA


  • Tiffany Pittman
    Tiffany Pittman

    This breaks my heart. 😭 God bless this woman.

  • Jess Rawat
    Jess Rawat

    May God Bless sweet animals and those kind hearts...

  • Luvie1980

    If only we did the same to our fellow humans.

  • Adrian R
    Adrian R

    3 kangaroos were on my front lawn last Monday and they even ate some of my tomato plants but I didn't mind coz they lost many of their friends and loved ones in fires around the country, lucky for me I am not near the fires but my heart is with all those who are affected.

  • Tina Huston
    Tina Huston

    Poor buddy. When wild animals are accepting help from humans, you know it's bad. I'm so sorry for all of the animals that suffered.


    I truly hope it helped a bit this poor creature, because even pouring water on burns and touching stressed animal in pain could harm them too😔


    Hey!!! Change the title !!! That's not a woman , she's a God .

  • Joelle meaning Jehovah is God
    Joelle meaning Jehovah is God

    Animals are better than humans and if every humans were like this humanity would be better.

  • Bilal Nasir
    Bilal Nasir

    That's is love God bless this woman

  • QTee

    Ahh :-(

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen

    The disaster is a purnishment and revenge of the souls of animals slaughtered by hunting for food. Please turn your loves into practical action of against hunting.

  • Wendy Solo
    Wendy Solo

    Omg those Kangaroos need to be taken to a wildlife refuge. The feet/hands can become severely infected if not treated properly. Poor things. My heart breaks so badly for what's happened there to so many animals.

  • Just ARMY
    Just ARMY

    Ok but like the people that disliked that are heartless

  • Taming the stranger
    Taming the stranger

    It makes me happy seeing that there are still people like this in the world, hats off to this woman

  • Stations Hoerenhater
    Stations Hoerenhater

    How the fuck could u dislike this

  • K. Dee
    K. Dee

    I wondered if the 24 said to be arrested for these fires, ever fricken had any thought, what it would do to the wild and innocent animals. I think about this night and day and wish I could be there to help the animals. I love animals and this breaks my heart.


    😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

  • Yeah right.
    Yeah right.

    You can kiss a kangaroo?

  • Anthony 353
    Anthony 353

    Has anyone shown this to Scott Morrison and the cohort of twats who don’t believe in climate change?

    • Anthony 353
      Anthony 353

      Stompy TheWonderLizard sure they did

    • Stompy TheWonderLizard
      Stompy TheWonderLizard

      Arsonists started the fires

  • Caluchi

    Awww .. lovely gesture I wish the world would learn from her

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    study with sylvie


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  • DiMi G
    DiMi G

    Can you stop assuming people's gender? Reporting for sexism

    • xRedksx

      Umm, what? XD

  • Taylan Erol
    Taylan Erol

    Bu kadın şimdi müslüman olmadığı için cehenneme mi gidecek şimdi 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • horselover 89
    horselover 89

    Thank you for helping that Roo!

  • My Old PS3 & Xbox 360
    My Old PS3 & Xbox 360

    Wouldn't aloe vera help, I don't think it's harmful to animals ?

  • Priscilla Poissant
    Priscilla Poissant

    God bless her . Poor baby poor people 😭😭poor animals

  • Lauren Zini
    Lauren Zini

    I'm cry to see him

  • Arman Molino
    Arman Molino


  • Sable D'est
    Sable D'est

    شفها الحيوان بصح اولاد سوريا و فلسطين و أفريقيا و بورما لا حياة لمن تنادي.

  • bulldogboy95


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